Budapest Heterotopia

13 05 2012

For the city of Budapest, the heterotopia that I chose to focus on is in fact a temporary heterotopia.  The chosen heterotopia is the Sziget Festival, a musical and cultural festival that has taken place during one week in August every year since 1993.  The location for the festival is an island just north of Margaret Island on the Danube River named  Óbuda Island ( Óbudai-sziget).  While the Sziget Festival originally started out as a student event, it has now become among the top 10 best festivals in all of Europe.

The following images are of the book I made that highlight the important elements of Budapest and discuss why the Sziget Festival is a heterotopia.

Cover Page

Page 1 – Budapest and Hungary

Page 2 – Buda & Pest

Page 3 – Bridges of Budapest

Page 4 – Landmarks of Budapest

Page 5 – Budapest Metro and Railroad Lines

Page 6 – Thermal Baths of Budapest

Page 7 – Green Spaces of Budapest

Page 8 – Siege of Budapest

Page 9 – Óbuda Island Intro

Page 10 – Óbuda Island

Page 11 – Sziget Festival

Page 12 – Sziget Heterotopia

Page 13 – Actors of the Sziget Heterotopia